scream cream is the revolutionary prescription formula created to heighten pleasure, increase both your ability to reach an orgasm and the intensity of your orgasm. At any age, one can experience a decrease in the ability to achieve an orgasm, a decrease in the intensity and duration of an orgasm, as well as an increase in the time it takes to reach an orgasm. Specially formulated by a gynecologist with over 30 years of experience and specific expertise in sexual function, scream cream is a discreet topical cream, which when applied to the female or male external genitalia increases blood flow to the clitoris or penis.
scream cream is made completely in the United States.

For Her:

H heightens her pleasure
E enhances her orgasm

R reduces her time to climax

For Him:

H – heightens his pleasure
I  increases his intensity
M  maintains his stimulation

Frequently asked questions:

Q. How does scream cream work?
A. scream cream increases blood flow and dilatation of the blood vessels in the clitoris and penis (corpora cavernosa; erectile tissue). Adequate blood flow is one of the essential components needed to reach an orgasm.

Q. Will my scream cream be formulated specially for me?
A. Yes. Every 15-gram tube is individually formulated by a compounding pharmacy following United States Pharmacopeia guidelines. scream cream is made completely in the United States.

Q. How long will my tube of scream cream maintain it’s potency?
A. A tube of scream cream will maintain it’s potency for up to one year.

Q. When, where and how should I apply my scream cream?
A. Apply your scream cream anywhere from 30 minutes to a few minutes before intimacy.  scream cream is quickly absorbed; gently massage a fingertip full, approximately the size of a dime, into the glans of the clitoris and surrounding inner vulva, or the glans and upper ½ of the shaft of the penis. You may reapply the cream if necessary.

Q. How long will the effects of my scream cream last?
A. The effects of scream cream can last up to 2 hours.

Q. Is is safe to have oral sex after applying scream cream?
A. Yes. It is safe to have oral sex after the cream is massaged into the genital skin.

Q. Is scream cream safe to use during pregnancy?
A. Yes. scream cream is safe to use during pregnancy and breast feeding, as long as your doctor or midwife agrees that achieving orgasm is safe.

Q. Is scream cream hypoallergenic?
A. Yes. The ingredients in scream cream are dissolved in a water based, hypoallergenic cream which enhances a local rate of absorption to maximize local effects. Although highly unlikely, should you experience a reaction, such as a skin rash, wash the cream off and do not use again. If necessary, consult a physician.

Q. Who can use scream cream?
A. scream cream is safe for use between consenting adults.

Q. Who should not use scream cream?
A. You should not use scream cream if you have an active vulvar or penile skin infection, such as herpes, candidiasis, rash or sore of any kind. Not for children, animals, or anyone under 18 years of age

Q. How should I store my scream cream?
A. Store your cream in a cool, dry place.

Q. What are the chemical components of scream cream?
A. Sildenafil (Viagra)–Vasodilator for the penis and the clitoris: 2%;
Aminophylline–a methylxanthine smooth muscle relaxant: 3%;
L-Arginine – a nonessential amino acid, which improves vascular health: 6%.

Q. Which, if any, of the components of scream cream are absorbed into the systemic (general) blood stream?
A. scream cream is absorbed through the skin and acts locally on the genital blood vessels. A miniscule and un-measurable amount is absorbed into the blood stream; therefore there should be no systemic effect, unlike oral erectile dysfunction drugs.

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