My physician recommended this cream because for me, menopause made sex a pain–literally and I wanted my sex life back!  I will say it is really good and makes sex very comfortable and you feel good “down there” for hours after sex.
– LR

“I screamed, you’d scream, we’d all scream from scream cream, the incredible orgasm enhancing cream. While scream cream does not create arousal, after discreetly applying just a small amount of scream cream before intimacy, I experience intense arousal and the most powerful orgasms I have ever had, as well as the ability reach more than one orgasm.

Ladies, this scream cream is what we have been waiting for!”

– R, Nyack    NY

“I am an active consumer of Viagra. I am an older gentleman who is on blood pressure meds. The next day I always get a headache and feel dizzy because of the drop in blood pressure. I get so dizzy that I am afraid of falling. Trying scream cream was great because I did not feel dizzy the day after and I did not get a headache. It’s good because it only acts locally and does not interact with my other medications.”

– J. Z.

I cannot say enough about this cream. I have been using it for 10 months.

I just put a ‘pea-size’ amount on and within 10 minutes have a pleasant sensation.

This has enhanced my overall sexual experience and has really helped bring me to a fuller orgasm. Finally there is something to truly help women!

– D.R.